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Release time:2022-04-18


Who qualifies to work as a foreign expert in China?

The term ‘foreign expert’ refers to foreign professionals who work in China in a capacity that is considered important for the country’s economic and social development - at the invitation of the Chinese government or an enterprise, institution, multinational or other organization.


The following foreign professionals are eligible for foreign expert status in China:

1. Technical or management personnel – based upon specific requirements concerning agreements between governments or international organizations.

2. Professionals specializing in education, scientific research, news media, publication, culture, art, health, sports and other fields.

3. Senior technical or management professionals, at the level of vice-general manager or above - or a similar level.

4. Representatives of overseas organizations or agencies, accredited by the State Bureau of Foreign Expert Affairs.

5. Professionals specializing in fields such as economics, technology, engineering, trade, finance, accounting, taxes and tourism - with special expertise that is required in China.


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